Every company wants the same things from its electrical system – safety and continuity.

Why HRG Technology is Safer

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Electrical hazards, such as ground faults and arc flashes, impact industry safety every day by interrupting processes and damaging equipment, thereby posing a safety risk to personnel. There is a solution.

This solution, High Resistance Grounding (HRG), ensures:

  • A safer, more reliable electrical distribution system
  • Process continuity
  • Protection from damage for your electrical equipment
  • Safety for your personnel

A technology that is recognized by NFPA 70E, CSA ZA462 and the National Electrical Code, High Resistance Grounding reduces the arc flash hazard, protects against ground faults and ensures process continuity.

Insurance companies, such as FM Global, acknowledge the safety standards and capacity of High Resistance Grounding.

At I-Gard, we are experts in this technology.

The vast majority of industrial facilities in North America operate with a solidly grounded electrical system, which inherently creates two issues: process interruptions when there is a ground fault, and less frequently, but more seriously, arcing ground faults that can destroy equipment, and severely injure or kill employees.

HRG technology resolves both of these issues, by eliminating the need to interrupt your processes due to a single ground fault, and ensuring reduced risk of the likelihood of an arc flash by 95%.

A substantial number of continuous process facilities in North America operate an ungrounded electrical system, which is also subject to two issues: inability to locate the fault without interrupting the process, and uncontrolled transient over-voltages damaging equipment.

Once again, HRG technology manages both issues. HRG with optional pulsing empowers personnel to trace and locate the fault without interrupting any process. Furthermore, HRG technology controls and limits over-voltages, thereby reducing the impact on equipment and extending the operational life of motors and drives.

Through continuous innovation, I-Gard added arc detection and mitigation as an option to its most advanced HRG product, which now protects against both phase-to-phase and three-phase arcing faults.

At last, there is a single product that protects against both ground faults and arc flash, providing unparalleled protection for every company dedicated to employee safety, efficient continuity for their operations, and responsible operating and maintenance costs.

For more information about how i-Gard can help you to ensure process continuity, protect your electrical equipment and safeguard your personnel, please contact your local representative.

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