The DSP-223-X-TDM replaces the DSP MkII system which is no longer supported. There is no need to change the sensors as long as they are still functional.

The new DSP system replacing the DSP MK II uses a DIN rail style construction, maintains the functions of the DSP MK II and adds more. It goes by the name of DSP-OHMNI. The DSP-OHMNI system is normally mounted inside an MCC cabinet with only the display module mounted through the front. For those installations that absolutely must maintain the location of the original DSP-MK II I-Gard supplies the retrofit assembly DSP-223-X-TDM.

The DSP-223-X provides all the features of the DSP-OHMNI system as delineated below in a package that slips easily into the existing DSP-MF opening. And as a bonus it also uses the same current sensors that were used by the DSP MK II. There is no need to change the current sensors.