The Sentinel HRG system is the most advanced HRG system in the market and is designed to detect the event of a single ground fault, signal an alarm, and point to the affected branch or feeder. Thus maintenance can be immediately alerted to the problem and an operator dispatched to locate the fault to isolate it promptly.

By isolating the search for the fault to the branch or feeder level, we remove the maintenance personnel from the dangers associated with the higher fault currents of the main switchgear.

The Sentinel HRG system which incorporated the DSP Protective Relay can assist in locating the fault with a pulsing fault location circuit. In the event of a second ground fault, the DSP Protective relay acts quickly to prevent loss of two feeders by selectively tripping the lower priority feeder only.

Sentinel Benefits

  • Voltage and Current sensing relays provide bus and feeder protection
  • Harmonic filter and time/current adjustments to reduce nuisance trips
  • Integral resistance pulsing and MODBUS communication for remote monitoring
  • Inrush detection restraint prevents nuisance tripping on high inrush loads