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What we do

Protect your PEOPLE
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Safety Toolkit

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How we do it

At I-Gard, we are using the industry’s most advanced line of GROUND FAULT, ARC FLASH AND NEUTRAL GROUNDING RESISTORS, combined with our unparalleled APPLICATION EXPERIENCE and TECHNICAL EXPERTISE.

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Why HRG Technology is safer

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What is the Risk Level with your electrical system?


new product 2021!! I-AVT (ABSENCE OF VOLTAGE TESTER)

Simple, fail-safe and intuitive Absence of Voltage Tester (i-AVT), the new addition to I-Gard's Offer of Products. Easy Installation and small footprint device which provides indication that equipment is live, reducing risk of electrical shock.

"When it comes to electrical safety and establishing a safe working environment, a high degree of likelihood simply isn't enough - the absence of voltage has either been verified, or it hasn't". Andrew Cochran, 2021.

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DSP-ADM Arc Detection Module won the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD

While we are clearly proud to have been recognized with the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD CATEGORY winner, what is more important is what this product does for electrical safety in the workplace.

High Resistance Grounding is recognized as a technology that lowers the risk of arc flash significantly. Now with arc mitigation included, any industrial facility can lower their risk with a single purchase, reduce the risk of an arc flash from occurring and minimizing the impact if one does.


Product of the year

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