• HRG OEM kit - Brochure 2021


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HRG technology is recognized by both the Canadian Electrical Code and National Electrical Code (NEC) and is considered the best practice in the process industry when it comes to electrical safety.

In response to applications for HRG installed in switchboard, switchgear and MCC, I-Gard has designed a compact solution for the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

A highly adaptable High Resistance Grounding HRG OEM kit, it offers maximum safety and providing Resistor Monitoring, Pulsing Capability, MODBUS TCP communication via the SIGMA3-TDM touchscreen display, SIGMA3 Ground Fault Relay, data logging, trend analysis, and more....

  • Save time - Ready to install and ease of use, three main components
  • Save space - Maximum adaptability in the smallest footprint HRG-OEM KIT in the marketplace.
  • Maximize functionality and reliability - Sigma3 Ground Fault relay + SIGMA3-TDM touchscreen display