Gemini is a unique, patented, fail safe, all-in-one neutral grounding system that combines ground fault protection with a redundant resistor system, in addition to a built-in resistor integrity monitoring relay.

Providing protection against any compromising of the resistor integrity, the patented twin resistance paths in combination with the integrity monitoring relay form the heart of the Gemini system. Limiting any ground fault to predetermined and safe levels, the parallel resistance circuit protects against the damaging effect of a ground fault. Should the integrity of either resistor path be compromised, the second path continues to provide the necessary protection while an alarm is activated.

Gemini Benefits

  • Patented fail-safe high resistance grounding system with twin resistance paths
  • Only monitoring relay capable of discriminating between ground faults, resistor failure and open and short circuits
  • Eliminates nuisance tripping through adjustable time delay settings 60 milliseconds and up
  • Self diagnosis through built-in test circuitry